Mikhail Ranish Freeware Software and Algorithms

Hard Disk Partitioning Tools

Ranish Partition Manager is a boot manager and hard disk partitining tool. It gives you
high level of control for creaing dual- and multi- boot systems and booting multiple
operating systems such as Linux, Windows, FreeDOS, and FreeBSD from a single disk.

Hard Disk Partitioning Primer is a tutorial on PC hard drive partitioning scheme.
It explains disk partitioning basics and terms like MBR, FAT-16/32, NTFS, and Ext2FS.

XOSL Boot Manager XOSL Boot Manager - Extended Operating System Loader Created by Geurt Vos in 1999.
XOSL is the first free high quality open source graphical boot manager released under GPL.

Download Partition Manager 2.40, 2.37 (8086), 2.44 (Beta), XOSL 1.1.5, XOSL Source/GPL

BWT Compression Algorithm

BWT Compression Blocksort for BWT Compression Algorithm implementation runs in O(n) time using 8*n memory.
Derived from the Larsson and Sadakane "Faster Suffix Sorting" it replaces ternary-split quicksort
with linked list based linear-time sorting. Second step coder is a variation of the Distance Coding.

Download blocksort.zip (archive file also includes sources for reverse DC and BWT algorithms)

Blocking web ads and popups

ZeroServ ZeroServ is a special purpose web server that blocks banner ads and popups.
It protects your privacy by blocking ads from the notorious ad servers that try to
track all your clicks. You can block new servers by editing a list of RegExp URLs.

It works with IE, Netscape, Mozilla, Opera and any browser that supports proxy config.
You can use it as a tiny (60k) multithreaded web server. Freeware. Source code included.

Download ZeroServ 1.80 + Source,